Wine closed with cork suffers from cork taint, an undesirable effect of the chemical TCA, (2,4,6, trichloranisole) which develops during the processing of cork. The Aluminium screwcap closure is the unique answer for prevention of cork taint, furthermore, it preserves the aroma and freshness whilst allowing the wine to peacefully and quietly mature.

Organoleptic Performances & Forefront Aesthetics

• No risk of TCA

• No leakage

• Consistent Quality

• Elegant with multiple decorative options

• Total gas barrier, perfect inclusion/exclusion to allow development of bottle bouquet

• Superior retention of wine characteristics

Functionality & Consumer appeal

• Easy and safe to use: opening by hand and re-sealing

• Allows wine to be stored and transported upright, or on its side

• Allows bottle maturation

• Tamper evident to avoid any risk of counterfeiting

The Group provides technical assistance to each account for bottling lines and capping heads, focusing on technical issues and quality improvement

Global Cap Wine Closures